Oh it's a phone, and there's another version for tablets. I actually do like that

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Also I made this joke, but it's so transparent that people are going to download DraStic on this

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@dusk I actually do remember Microsoft prototyping a book type device which amounts to the same thing as this, but running Windows and having their own online book store

@plsburydoughboy it's kinda crazy that we're getting foldable phones this year too

that was always a fun render set

@dusk @plsburydoughboy wait wait waaaait... is that the Courier? Did they finally bring it back?? :blobaww:

I was so sad when they dropped the thing after the iPad came out!

@polychrome @plsburydoughboy @dusk There's now a dual 9" Windows tablet thing with magnetic keyboard attachment (Surface Neo), and a dual 5.6" Android smartphone thing (Surface Duo), both coming out a year or so from now

@bhtooefr @dusk @plsburydoughboy oh. I'll just emit a resounding 'ehhhhhhhh' then. :blobcatumm:

Gimme my digital diary~ :blobcatreach:

@polychrome @plsburydoughboy I completely forgot about the Courier! ❤️ That was a fun device.

@plsburydoughboy I unironically want one; I've been lusting after a pocket-sized dual screen laptop replacement ever since I hacked my DS to run Linux

@plsburydoughboy ok but counterpoint

you can hold a nintendo ds with 2 hands

microsoft's product is made for 3-handed people as far as I can tell

@ben @plsburydoughboy the joie de vivre of a DS with the versatility of an N64 controller

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