Nobody who's made a YouTube about the Vita or the death of the Vita or comparing the Vita to the Switch have pointed out just how big a deal Nvidia's X1 chip was to the Switch and how that was basically the chip the Vita should have had.

Really we all thought Sony put a chip like that in it, but it would take 2 years after the Vita's launch for Nvidia to even demo it as a proof of concept, so


It annoys me just a little bit, because there is that what if in my head which is what if Sony did get their hands on an SOC that could run console quality graphics as early as 2010 to put in their Vitas by 2012? The story would have been incredibly different, and I think the same would have been true of the Wii U if Nintendo had such powerful SOCs then too

All these people were there but they weren't paying attention

If they did, then we would have the prevailing narrative that we should have, which is that the Vita and Wii U were transitional consoles for until when we finally saw portable consoles as good as home consoles

And aside from Nintendo Microsoft doesn't promote it but they have that now with many Surface line products, and Sony should be part of it too if they hadn't lost so much money on Vita and left portable games

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