Annoying popup ads are probably generating LESS revenue but because companies interpret the data wrongly they don't know

Oh also if this is true it's also likely we lost our privacy to advertisers for nothing

You know, I was a keyword guy for a while, I did eventually realize the guys doing this weren't really sure about what they were doing.

It's a cold comfort but I guess it's good to get this confirmation from experts who were qualified to call it out

@plsburydoughboy oh so same as with twitter doing a/b testing, putting their new weird menu where notifications were before, and then concluding that they got lots of clicks on it so it must be interesting for users

@wxcafe a little worse. This condemns an entire advertising model that existed before Twitter and Facebook

@plsburydoughboy @wxcafe

a couple of years ago I used to regularly visit this news site of a semi rural place in the Netherlands which had a rolling carousel of non targeted ads, it wasn't bothersome and I used to visit the advertisers sites (to improve my Dutch) and even wanted to buy a sack of goose/duck food to send to a nearby bird sanctuary as a donation!

But they switched to targeted advertising that didn't let you use an adblocker, so I stopped using that site >>

@plsburydoughboy @wxcafe

furthermore I hope to visit the Netherlands at some time in next few years; sites like that would be useful for things like finding local car hire companies who will accept a customer from a soon to be non-EU country with a relatively new driving licence (which a lot of big hire firms refuse), as well as good places to visit..

But if I cannot get info from that region I would visit somewhere else nearby...

@plsburydoughboy this is a good article and my favorite part is, "people buying things because they saw an ad is even rarer than cystic fibrosis."

@plsburydoughboy my favorite quote from the article is "You’re fucking with the magic."

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