I guess I should clarify what I said in earlier toots: We're asking you newbs to put cws in political toots not because it's etched in Mastodon dot social's rules, but because it's a social norm established by the community before you came along. Please respect our customs, we already have an idea of what we want this place to be

Simply put, you can go to other instances who want to talk about politics all the time if you want to do that

@plsburydoughboy I think that's an interesting debate, but it's difficult to define what exactly is a "political toot" right?

@Nautigsam no no no you dont have to overthink it. We just dont want to see everyone tweeting about bombing Syria on the timeline at the same time

@plsburydoughboy um what does cws mean? I will have a hard time remember it without context. we did pol: in a newsgroup and it was obvious.

@plsburydoughboy Ah something more general. hmm yea I can see why that might not work as well if the community grows... hard to always know what is a problem as it becomes more diverse with all the new people (like me) but hopefully they can learn? See I normally do content warnings for tales of Sexual abuse and discrimination but not politics.

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