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plsburydoughboy @plsburydoughboy

Unanswered 90s pop song questions:
What is love
Who let the dogs out
Tell me why it ain't nothing but a heartbreak

@plsburydoughboy these questions were all answered in Tubthumping

@plsburydoughboy Who let the dogs out is actually a song about ugly chicks and they should not exist. In retrospect that song was garbage anyway
@stitchxd @plsburydoughboy I always thought it was about dogs. Shows how much I know.

@stitchxd @bob ok but did you know 99 problems was always about the cops

@stitchxd @plsburydoughboy I thought it was about calling men who harassed women dogs but I guess I don't really know or remember any of the lyrics

@stitchxd @masklayer p sure the dogs referred to there were men who catcalled women

@plsburydoughboy 1. It's up to the woman that the singer has had romantic complications with.
2. The man behind the woman in front.
3. I'm not actually sure as there's way too many rhetorical questions in that song.

where have all the cowboys gone
do i really feel the way i feel