Stuff you can do instead of being angry at Logan Paul

You can donate to Chen Si, the man who's been saving suicides from China's equivalent of Aokigahara, Yangtze River Bridge

The money will go to a community center where the suicide survivors live

Chen Si has had a documentary made about his life, but you can listen to NPR for a primer

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@plsburydoughboy Very cool. Thanks for sharing...going to go listen now.

suicide prevention techniques UK 

@plsburydoughboy round here we have free telephone on Orwell Bridge to 116 123 (Samaritans)

Its not a popular pedestrian route because its part of the A14 road with 120km/h traffic and no crossing points) so anyone seen hanging around without a car (or hasn't had to stop due to defects with the vehicle which would usually result in them calling 999 to report it) causes alert to cops, ambulance, Coastguard and mental health teams (via CCTV control)


suicide prevention techniques UK 

@plsburydoughboy recently level crossings they had signs to for samaritans number also in many parts of England Network Rail staff keep watch and also some priests and imams (many of whom are railway enthusiasts) look out for and talk to anyone who looks distressed and isn't an obvious trainspotter waiting around by level crossings.

A Network Rail engineer in our region has already talked several people out of suicide and was featured on the local news..

suicide prevention techniques UK 

@vfrmedia @plsburydoughboy I think there's also often people hanging out around Beachy Head to try stop people jumping... although it's harder to keep an eye out there. I think a lot of people still manage to slip by.

suicide prevention techniques UK 

@bentosmile @plsburydoughboy often its the Church of England who organise/fund a lot of the volunteer suicide prevention groups (even if the group does not brand itself as religious and does not require volunteers to be part of any faith group.

So these have a lot of middle aged church going folk; who are well intentioned but (understandably) aren't going to be as physically able to carry out 24/7 watch on a high place especially in rough weather!

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