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Ambagan PH


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For Our Farmers


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UP Diliman University Student Council and Tulong Kabataan
NGO May Twenty Ako
Paypal: PayPal:
Tulong Kabataan Network
Paypal: paypalme/trvillela
Anakbayan PH

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I already saw one person on kittytown share my post. Please prove to me this account isn't useless Mastodon


Marvic Rollo

Marvic Rollo


Interac E-transfer

Rovelyn Ticzon

GoFundMe for Papaya, Nueva Ecija

Facebook crowdfund

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There's nothing graphic here but as you can see, the floods have reached the rooftops in many cities

FWIW I'm safe but we did lose electricity for 12 hours

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Hello everyone. Typhoon Vamco has left our capital (Philippines) flooded in many, many cities. This is the worst we've experienced since Ketsana. I will be linking to donation drives and share some pics, please share and donate

Ahhh I don't even understand the jokes I'm seeing on my time line anymore

At least when Tumblr was obtuse the fact that their memes go obtuse was part of the joke

i just think if #foss wants to compete in this modern era they need to leverage the synergy between the blockchain, apps, and the gig economy. maybe another round of financing from venture capital

gg, relitigating old shit 

Every few months I bring up that I used to work with Ian Miles Cheong and then let it go again

Like I said, he was very obviously trying to influence me as someone below him, and I was skeptical enough that I didn't follow him in his swing to the right wing

I just realized I hadn't fully interrogated the extent he had hurt me because I assumed not becoming his sheep means I was OK

So I see now there was a definite emotional toll to dealing with his shit for years

uspol, but make it kink 

Ted Cruz just UNLOADED on McCabe's face over the ridiculous Logan Act double standard with Biden vs. Flynn.

watching forgotten_vcr again. I think I missed an earlier tape but he just started a new one after explaining the deal with Godfrey Ho

TikTok says the Trump administration has forgotten about trying to ban it, would like to know what’s up

100 % certain all of this year's new Macs, iPhones, and iPads were made by Uyghurs. The evidence is stronger here than for Nintendo

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