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Firefox 73.0 is out!

The main new feature that I like is the ability to set a default zoom level for all web content, regardless of site.

Give Firefox a chance for a faster, calmer and distraction-free web

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Tu veux réduire l’impact climatique de ce que tu manges ? Regarde selon le type de nourriture, pas si elle est locale.

Source :

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Die Videos vom #npa089 sind bei uns hochgeladen: @RaspberryBlogDE zum Berliner Digitalpakt: und @JJaursch zur Desinformation in der digitalen Öffentlichkeit:
Auch unter:

R1D1. Continued freecodecamp Intermediate Algorithm Scripting. Tried to use maps and reduce to
improve my functional style.

Saving things locally is part of the premium function set? Welcome to #2020

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I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me!

I feel so safe thanks to the remarkable work of the Bavarian police force treating our bus like a terrorist cell. Who cares for the Schengen treaty nowadays, anyway.

@yunohost Hi, I'm using your vagrant image to set up a local dev version of for packaging purposes. Unfortunately my browser does not like the self-signed cert. Any ideas? p.s. there is a 192.168.x.x entry in my hosts file and the configured domain

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I achieved the PyBites Ninja White Belt by completing Code Challenges at - on behalf of @pybites I Challenge You!

I am the 912th Pythonista who cracked Bite of Py 5. Parse a list of names - on behalf of @pybites I Challenge You!

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schöner Kommentar zum nächtlichen Spaziergang durch das hiesige Kneipenviertel. XD
P.S. Unter der Verkleidung befindet sich ein Schulgebäude

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