As anticipated in the poll of last week, I'm currently developing an unified resource tells you if your #smartphone or smartwatch is able to boot any (and what) kind of #Linux, with information on its current level of support (alpha to daily driver) and also aimed (in the limits this field allows) at relatively inexperienced users.

More details, and hopefully an usable/useful release, in the next days/weeks!

A feature I might add to soon is a unified database of what smartphones are supported by what projects (pmOS etc) to allow even relatively inexperienced users to find out whether their device can already boot some sort of #Linux, and in what state (alpha/usable/...).
As such feature might potentially take a while to implement, do you believe it will be an effectively useful resource also for inexperienced users or not really?

Votes, but also detailed opinions welcome.

Thank you!

drebrez got a 5.1.0 kernel (with minor patching) running on the Galaxy Nexus - and he started with nothing but forced reboots and kernel panics, then worked his way up to the display and earphone audio!

It's time to grab your favorite drink and celebrate this tale and a lot more with us in the two years of postmarketOS blog post:

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