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My post is coated in dust, so hi! I'm Pamela, I'm in my 30s, I have a pet turtle who is almost old enough to vote, some kitties and a sysadmin sweetie. I like trying to master obsolete skills, and I paint.

I've started trying to open up about , most notably , and I would love to meet new friends! I like and and ecology and books and I left my STEM career behind but still enjoy learning about it.

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I wish we talked about the energy used by Google's AdSense network the same way everybody talks about Bitcoin.

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I worked
I ate a thing
I cleared garage/charging space for the car before the snowstorm
I cuddled both cats (separately, of course)

obligations discharged. video game time!!


what? no! stop shouting at me; I'm not clearing all that!

I'm hip-deep in an engineering study examining potential signaling methods of autonomous vehicles for communicating with pedestrians whether it's safe to cross, car is about to move, etc.

Yeah, if those were actual communication methods being considered, we're all going to get mowed down in crosswalks. 🤷

I have no plans.
Whole weekend, no plans.

This is a lovely thing.

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It was a little disappointing to discover that apparently like five other people have already zoomed by my starting system in No Man's Sky.

But the planet I'm exploring now has only ridiculous animals that bounce everywhere, which is great.

There's one that looks like a hopping houseplant in a pot, one like a giant green rubber glove, one like a bouncy sandworm in miniature... 6/11 found, so far all hopping around.

It gets better:

It takes more than 20 minutes, you must be a manager, and apparently they've screened at least one person out AFTER they invested the 20 minutes.

(first day of diet)

It's a slow morning. I'll switch to surveys and see if better work comes around.

"Rate Chocolates $0.50."
okay, thanks.

I finally picked up No Man's Sky for $10 (and let it patch) and apparently that's where I'll be living from now on.

I have removed the terrible kitchen chair from my home office and now have a real office chair!

Next I plan to put my monitors on an actual desk instead of TV trays. FANCY.

(Eventually: office-based furbabies! I am still undecided between rats and a ferret. Also, office planted tank. Possibly with cute shrimp).

Serving no purpose other than to delight us does not disqualify a thing or experience from a list of priorities.

I managed to buy a non-vegan curling wand because the beauty industry is very strange sometimes.

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sure, it COULD be Monday

or we could all get cozy and warm and watch old movies together?

Current mood: exploded pen, failed to deposit car payment

Also current mood: awwww, kitty 🤗

It's fun when people expect deep thoughts from me and I'm over here like "do cats have conscious control over purring?"

(But do they?)