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My post is coated in dust, so hi! I'm Pamela, I'm in my 30s, I have a pet turtle who is almost old enough to vote, some kitties and a sysadmin sweetie. I like trying to master obsolete skills, and I paint.

I've started trying to open up about , most notably , and I would love to meet new friends! I like and and ecology and books and I left my STEM career behind but still enjoy learning about it.

Because is getting so huge, I'm making my move official!

πŸŽ‡ 🌟 Please follow me here: 🌟 πŸŽ‡
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See you over there! 🌻

I like finding old notebooks.

This one contains:
-notes about a project I never started, this section labeled "digital compass" ("RBBB kit" and "3-axis Hall effect sensor IC" are all that isn't gibberish now)
-rudimentary instructions for how to participate in a fantasy football draft
-a grid, which I think I was using to schedule work hours for Kurt's students

aaaand a complete gravity controller respec + enhancement plan for City of Heroes! (with "add dimension shift?" at the bottom)

I have now been to our food co-op and it was very nice and I have an application now and plan to go back when it isn't lined with vendor tables and lava and stuff. I can bring my jars and they have organic fair-trade sustainable bulk everything under the sun, I think. \o/

I read one tiny thing about an urban pollination project and discovered several fascinating and awesome local eco projects with detailed plans online that will keep me from getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

Humanity is very good sometimes. 🌳 πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ 🐝 πŸ’š

First I was angry about a real thing, and that turned into being angry that something had made me angry, and now I'm just angry because I can't figure out how to stop!

Use the full range of emotions available to you, lest they seize. Apparently.

I'm using one of those face masks that just sits and generates foam for half an hour and it's getting in my eyes and up my nose and ... it's actually pretty relaxing and ridiculously fun.

feet, art 

Sometimes I think people feel that when they're only changing their perspective, they're not *really* helping anyone build a better world.

But that's how it gets built.

i don't want to hear about how "there are good men left!" because if you're not actively trying to dismantle patriarchy/misogyny in your life (media you consume, your own thoughts, things you allow from your friends and family):

you are not good. you are not helping. you are only allowing this problem to get worse.

I genuinely miss the era of people wanting to show their vacation slides at parties. A friend tells me about somewhere interesting he's been and I'm just like "I'll never see that in person; tell me everything!" but he's got, like, three pictures on his phone because it's all online already. Then he can't stitch the trip back together in his head to narrate cool coffeeshops or the pieces he really enjoyed at an art gallery or, like, the bird trying to eat someone's breakfast off a picnic table.

There are very many good dogs that walk along Main Street.

Me: ohhhh I hurt all over! Is it the weather? Did I eat something bad?
Brain: did you maybe awkwardly chisel at stuff while bent over for a long time yesterday and tear up the skin on your hands and stuff?
Me: yes, but shh, I'm trying to figure out this mystery!


mental health ~, lovely sunny day! 

mental health ~, lovely sunny day! 

have spoons, will travel 

There's something viscerally thrilling about stories set in the *really* distant future, like 15000 AD (or 1.5 million AD!)

I mean, it's hard to process. But those are *so* far away. Obscenely far. Would humanity rise again after a fall? An unexpected civilization reign supreme, shaping the world?

People like us? No longer human? Still Earth? Still alone? Some kind of new bronze age, but instead of cracking smelting, people figure out how to reuse the plastics we left behind?


Paths along the 10 and I-80 are getting quick chargers! πŸš— πŸ’š People will be able to zoom across the whole US in non-Tesla EVs without having to charge overnight and worry about range!

(It looks like we're finally getting a couple near Rochester, too!)

Do cartilage piercings (/other piercings done by hand) have their own ugly equivalent of mall stand piercing studs, or can you get something unique to start?

I just figured out how grubhub works and am regretting every time I ate beets straight from a can because I didn't know I could get someone to bring Lebanese food to my door

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