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My post is coated in dust, so hi! I'm Pamela, I'm in my 30s, I have a pet turtle who is almost old enough to vote, some kitties and a sysadmin sweetie. I like trying to master obsolete skills, and I paint.

I've started trying to open up about , most notably , and I would love to meet new friends! I like and and ecology and books and I left my STEM career behind but still enjoy learning about it.

Has anyone ever served on an IRB or IEB? Show more

I wouldn't worry too much about skynet just yet. At the moment, I'm busily training someone's AI to recognize underripe bananas.

(best orc voice) WORK COMPLETE.

(to cat on lap) STOP POKING ME

The distance between start of workday and start of headache and blurred vision appears to be shortening.

The rare, elusive monster who has not consumed any goofballs and so might actually get to cuddle while I work.

I saw a post about teeth zoom by on the global TL recently and wanted to reply but chickened out and I keep thinking about that person.

Get a second opinion about that second tooth, unknown friend! Desert Essence tea tree oil mouthwash actually helps a little with the pain!

*tosses bottle into ocean*

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Cat steals my pillow, I get to sleep on the cat. Them's the rules. You want a bed pillow, develop your own kitty textile industry.

Power's out! We're running around with flashlights and will be for awhile because trees and lines are down everywhere.

I recently got a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and this might have just unlocked hardcore mode. XD

People who were shopping for new mastodon apps: I've started just reading in a mobile browser. It is super nice.

(But I guess I can't draw a straight line? I keep accidentally moving left to compose while trying to scroll my timeline). :thaenkin:

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Sometimes (she said, watching an action movie) I wonder whether a lot of men genuinely think that only other men get those impulses to run in and save the day.

I could have hated the rest of Wonder Woman and it still would have been worth it to see Diana just leap out of a trench and go. Everyone has those fantasies. It's bizarre that we mostly portray men acting them out.

Reminder: you can use the Mastodon Bridge to connect up with Twitter friends who've come here (and registered) as well as using the hashtag to find new friends.

i just read it again and every time i do, i want to scream.

no. learning to program is NOT EASY.

and i don't just mean learning to program is easy, it's learning to be good at it that's hard. no.

it is difficult. it is not intuitive. it is logic and we have to put our brains in places human brains don't naturally go.

can anyone learn to do it? yes. but it IS NOT EASY.

Hey, New York!

Voter registration time! If you want a party change FOR NEXT YEAR, you have to update your records by tomorrow!

That thing from earlier is *hella* broken in some weird chrome-specific way I don't understand yet. I rescued all my stuff and migrated to firefox for now.

I did start to write a better goal tracker with what I learned, though! \o/

when you go to school for CS or SE is there eventually a class where they just train you to sit and work silently instead of saying "ohhhh. oh, fuck." or "wait, why does it... WHAT?" or throw things?

or is that more of a time and cubicle use thing?

WELP I broke the script I use to track my past work (all 32,000+ individual jobs) and get to spend the morning figuring out how it worked

time for coffee!

We visited a magical bakery that only bakes gluten-free items. I came home with a lemon cupcake. I wanted to try everything!

I dragged us to a noodle bar for pho in a rare moment of spontaneity. It was probably good to get out into the sunshine.