I think I burned myself out.

super exhausted, not a lot of energy.

staying away from computers (outside of work) over the last two days has been helpful. hopefully this ends.

must. not. spend. extra. time. hacking. on *other*. projects.

The *other* thing taking up all of my spoons is that I'm going to the foreigners office on Monday morning, to renew my residence visa.

It expires on Wednesday.

The next appointment is in _January_.

And I'm pissed/stressed that I don't "qualify" for the visa I want, simply because the German Government doesn't know how to follow the law it passed.

If you haven't done the "I don't have an appointment at the foreigners office" game, here is how it works.

The gates open at 7am. People start lining up at 1am. When the gates open, you *run* (sprint if you can) to your appointed floor and room, and hope they have open slots that day.

If you show up at 7:05 there will be no more slots for the day. Good luck!

You can't easily get an appointment because they don't require your personal information to match what was registered. Bots, bots, bots.

@phessler this all sounds insanely frustrating! Speed and luck should have nothing to do with visas. I hope you're able to rest and relax this weekend.

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