@pnathan hello! I'm another Seattle dweller soon to be dad. I'm a drafter and fan of cyberpunk as well. I run a little homelab and am studying networking and unix systems.

@pnathan indeed it is! At family fun center with the family for my sister's birthday and then to the Deadmau5 concert! Hope your day is going well too.

@woodsbob eehhhh. couldn't get to parking for science March. went to drop off used painting materials at hazmat place, they closed.

but my Starbucks coffee was bang on 100% normal Pike Place, and that was p good for a rainy wet chilly day.

@pnathan glad there is a silver lining to it. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

@woodsbob oh man. I was a dumb decision machine today.

lack of sleep is the mind killer. along with fear. :-}

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