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random thought:

I buy kindle books, then periodically I vacuum the books into calibre as a backup.

I don't want dead trees anymore. I want nicely formatted ebooks so I can give away my quarter ton of dead trees & shelves. my DRM-free ebooks are nearly weightless!

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According to one lifecycle analysis of printed books versus e-readers, the energy, water, and raw materials needed to make a single e-reader is equal to that of 40 to 50 books. In terms of the effect on the climate, the emissions created by a single e-reader are equal to roughly 100 books.

If you read 100 books on your e-reader before upgrading it, the effect on the climate is no different than reading those books in print.

Source: m.huffpost.com/us/entry/486040

@sandbag_attitude I have thousands of pdfs and epubs, I believe.

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of books.

I have only owned 2 ereaders in my life.

To give you perspective on the usefulness of ereaders.

@sandbag_attitude depending on the month and my mood, I can do 2-4 non-fiction books (history, theology, etc) per week. I've read *most* of the books I've bought that aren't straight mathematics or computer science textbooks.

@sandbag_attitude I have no idea what other people are like. But I am made to be a scholar by trade, I just happen to be a programmer because life worked out that way and I like it.

I read *very* fast, high retention, and can generally synthesize it fairly well after the fact. Ebooks are a very effective investment for me, if the ereader tech is adapted for serious readers.

@pnathan I spent a few weeks getting a semi-reliable DRM-stripping pipeline, and fed all of my Kindle purchases in to it. Great great feeling.

@rrix I havn't looked around for a long time - is there a *good* non-DRM ereader made for *readers* out there? I have the Kindle DX, but its getting on the old side of things.

@pnathan I swear by my Kobo aura one. us.kobobooks.com/products/kobo The screen is big enough, even that you can read PDFs without having to resize them from paper-dimensions. Supports epub + mobi, and you can manage the collections from Calibre without jailbreaking it. I think all the kobo products are similar.

@rrix @pnathan wow, waterproof(ish) and blue light reduction and 32GB? i'm really impressed.

(i have a 2nd? gen kindle paperwhite fed by calibre)

@alyx @pnathan It's a good little computer thinger. The blue light reduction is very very nice