the best coding music is, imo, heavy metal.

no I don't know why.

@pnathan Depending on what I'm working on..

Certainly when I'm fixing lint errors. 😡

@pnathan Don't do much with C, mostly higher level languages like python

@neekz0r Ah gotcha. Overly pendantic mind here. "lint = c, pylint=python, ne'er the twain shall meet"

@pnathan I've taken to instrumental metal while writing. Not coding, but I get it.

@ink_slinger Yeah, I can't imagine doing much writing of English with non-instrumental music. :)

@pnathan Sometimes I'll listen to foreign music, since I can't understand the words but, yeah, English lyrics while I'm writing? It's usually far too distracting.

It's trance and other forms of electronica for me. O hai, @Snowdusk!
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