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Untitled, acrylic - 8x10. United Nations starship travelling through a nebula.

Happy about the brilliance of the colors.

time to write about what fascism was LIKE, and what the NSDAP effected in society. A few other sources will come into play.


mastodon.social/media/De8zIK9P Table. acrylic on canvasboard, 5x7

experimenting with grisaille in acrylics. so far i seem to have the work tabled.

Surprised Dragon from a couple nights ago, round two. Seriously unsure about cave and shadows. and the Dragon needs work.. 5x7


Graduation of the Alchemists. Oil on 18X24 Canvas, WIP.

A study for another work. This study is about composition on this scale, along with artistic rendering of the location. (one internet point to the person who guesses the source locale).

After I work out what I need, add relevant bits, and fix perspectives on the stairs, I'll probably look to sell this piece.

Dragon Surprised in Cave, oil on board, 5x7.

did a paint out of my different oranges and wanted to use the paint nuts up the yellow is Cobalt Yellow, the background is raw umber. Oranges don't convey well on camera..... I thought Cobalt Yellow had the perfect shade and besides, it is not a safe pigment. So it artistically links well with dragon gold.


A quick sketch I made comparing strontium titaniate and titanium dioxide as mixing whites in oil. The lighting is weird, unfortunately.

But thought it might be of mild interest.

Cad yellow medium, pthalo blue (red shade, I think), and pyrrole red.


Coming Night - a quick study in oils.. 5x7 canvasboard. Ecological disaster was on my mind.


Dramatic Flask.

An acquaintance kindly showed me the process for making Prussian Blue, giving me access to materials, and I took it from pigment to canvas, giving then a painting in return.

mastodon.social/media/8LLxB0Wo mastodon.social/media/vW9GtpSR

My grandfather gave this ring to me many years ago, before I was of a size to wear it.

I have a notion it was bought from one of the roadside jewelry stands that are common in AZ. Does anyone have any ideas about it? I.e. symbology etc?