I spent my early 20s setting myself up for diabetes and poor health. So much soda and cookies, so much WoW.

In my 30s it started to come back to me, nastily. The Pain started.

I have to lose weight and do some gnarly exercise to set myself up for feeling ok in my 40s onward.


New toy.

PS the bar is junk, don't listen to used barbell salesmen.

[Img: barbell with weights on it]


Just saw this shared on the zuckbook.

Before I loose my temper, I'm shutting off the Social Medias.

Also, any French citizens care to chime in about religion in France? I have some ideas.....

The Bike. Dark red frame, purple grips, and pink pedals.

I'm gonna stick stickers on this bike, and name it too.


time to write about what fascism was LIKE, and what the NSDAP effected in society. A few other sources will come into play.


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