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Just saw this shared on the zuckbook.

Before I loose my temper, I'm shutting off the Social Medias.

Also, any French citizens care to chime in about religion in France? I have some ideas.....

My bike for commuting!

https ://mastodon.social/media/4xtoyBc-k0-RwnACHwM

The Bike. Dark red frame, purple grips, and pink pedals.

I'm gonna stick stickers on this bike, and name it too.



Untitled, acrylic - 8x10. United Nations starship travelling through a nebula.

Happy about the brilliance of the colors.

time to write about what fascism was LIKE, and what the NSDAP effected in society. A few other sources will come into play.


mastodon.social/media/De8zIK9P Table. acrylic on canvasboard, 5x7

experimenting with grisaille in acrylics. so far i seem to have the work tabled.

Surprised Dragon from a couple nights ago, round two. Seriously unsure about cave and shadows. and the Dragon needs work.. 5x7


Graduation of the Alchemists. Oil on 18X24 Canvas, WIP.

A study for another work. This study is about composition on this scale, along with artistic rendering of the location. (one internet point to the person who guesses the source locale).

After I work out what I need, add relevant bits, and fix perspectives on the stairs, I'll probably look to sell this piece.