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@Are0h what specific aspects do you think are required to get where you want to go?

@ksteimel I'm interested in the idea of providing childcare at Texas Linux Fest, but one concern I have is finding a vendor that could do it.

Does anyone know a vendor that could provide conference childcare in the DFW area?

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I need your "random encounters for a fantasy warband" ideas again. Specifically looking for "things you might encounter in plains/fields" and "things you might encounter in woods". Ideally not just monsters - I'm thinking sidequest givers, upgrade offerers, or other things with more interesting "hooks" about them.

@JubalBarca Your party crosses into a region which is extremely feudal. Each local Lord owns about 5-10 acres, all subject to a regional Noble. Each Lord has peasants and operates essentially a large farm.

Neighbor wars are a THING. Pick any /r/askreddit thread talking about hoas and neighbor wars, translate to setting. It's really dumb. Really. Really. Really. Dumb.

@JubalBarca ... tripping over a lump as the party goes to bed, a rotten trapdoor gives way! There is a stairway into the darkness! (I recommend this be turn out to be an ancient granary, not a castle. Knowledge of farming can be found here! Shrine to fertility deity?)

@JubalBarca Your party, walking down a path, encounters a group of humans around a barricade. They have rusty weapons and look scrawny and hungry. One steps out and demands your food.

Your party is camping for the night in rolling prairies. They have been in the prairies for 5 days and are getting on edge. You can't usually see more than 1/8 mile ahead unless you're on the top of a hill... where all you see is more hills. While making the fire you found that there once was a castle here.

@JubalBarca You find a dirty old bag in the hillside. Someone must have forgotten it. You open it and find ... .
pick one of (scroll of information, some coins, moldy bread). - DM can work in the local setting & background story.

You hear a rustling in the bushes under the trees. A deer bolts, followed closely by a tired hunter walking out sadly. $opportunity to share food & story. Opportunity to explore racism.(Do you kill the orc? elf? human? hunter? Do you help?)

@rafial :: absolutely neutral face for about 5 seconds:::


@thor that seems to be a fair summary.

I have a few books written in that era, and frankly, some of them are rotten with that sort of racism.

it wasn't limited to Europe - the Conan and Cthulu fiction is rife with it too - both US authors.

in case u didnt know about polish chickens

@rafial Ooo Ooo share the opening! I love bad recruiting emails and making fun of them!

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