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USpol, rage Show more

USpol, rage Show more

An academic's reading list on (birdsite)


I've not read all of these and oh man(ha), I am overextended on reading right now!

@noelle @Trev @Gargron @Eramdam

Thank you. This is a significant improvement for accountability and ability to address issues when they come.

@Trev @noelle @Gargron @Eramdam

this would be good to have on the About page. someone asked about it the other day and I could not find it, aiming them in noelle's direction

Guns in uspol Show more

Wow. Listening to a local podcast about school shootings, and people are doing breakdowns of physical security designs in a local high school.

Like, this is hardcore messed up, folks.

Now we're talking about school staff in jail who have committed violence or sexual assault vs students.

Yay, it's that time of night when I have about an hour to work on my own things.

Also that time of night when I'm too tired to.

@tek right. it should have been caught in code review process and kicked back to the dev.

There's a giant crab on the freeway again, ugh

@JordiGH "asian" food peeves me every time I see it.

"french, german, italian, mexican, asian" categories at the grocery store.

it's not *erasure*, it's the Smudge Tool blandly & casually applied

For a while I've been interested in Galois theory and I'm finally going to take an abstract algebra course on fields. Does anyone have an account of how their experience with Abstract was?

@tek I can easily envision a world where js tools and libraries are profoundly powerful.

that world looks a lot different than today.

I learned about Duverger’s Law on 538 and it makes so much sense. We won’t have a third party in the USA. The reason is Duverger’s Law. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duverg