The last life's exam has always a bad ending. The failure is immanent.

Fatalism is a ROM-minded sin. An act of impass more distant than liberty.

In a dream the time could remove the veil of darkness origin.

She sleeps forever, from the beginning of the heaven break.

Nothing changes so from this nothing everything is born. The future may be the same.

His personality has multiplied so many times that he has lost his aura. In his countless limits, he could never return to the one.

Watch a film surrounded by teddy bears. Its loving touches give me a feeling of comfort.

I'm e-begging esse ipse like someone who has lost his shadow in many yesterdays.

We had already slept in the blind goldfinch's nest before the first breathing.

You frequently ask yourself but always the otherness get back to you.

I feel the fear in your hands, the trembling in front of a world where they wouldn't be able to find us.

It's cold and wet under the tree of disappointments. Lightning bolts strike against your void.

All social media share the same reality. Nobody reads each other. Loneliness always wins.

She promised a kiss after the last night of her life.

Our dreams, all our desires will be six feet under the reality. I saw a sea compounded of broken mirrors.

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