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Ich wurde in Australien als Kind der weißen, siedlerkolonialen Mehrheitsgesellschaft geboren. Erst als Jugendlicher erfuhr ich, dass Vorfahren meiner Mutter eine andere Sprache als Englisch gesprochen hatten. Als bekannt wurde, dass ich mich im Schulunterricht für Deutsch hatte begeistern lassen, wurde angemerkt, dass Ahnen meiner Großmutter „aus Preußen“ stammten. Als wäre das ein netter Zufall, dass ich die Muttersprache ihres Großvaters in der Schule jetzt lernen würde.

Heute vor einem Jahr streikten 1.4 Millionen für das Klima und Merkel versprach #NoMorePillePalle.

👉 Was folgte: Ein Jahr klimapolitischer Tiefpunkte. #1JahrPillePalle

Wir haben keine Zeit für leere Versprechen. Nimmt es nächste Woche mit uns in die eigene Hand.

Unsere Aktion rückt immer näher. Gestern ist schon viel passiert, aber auch heute und in den nächsten Tagen gibt es Dinge zu tun. Wenn ihr helfen könnt, ruft uns gerne unter 015221375655 an oder tragt euch für die nächsten Tage ins Mitmach-Tool ein:

70% of the carbon plants take in, they put underground. Fungal mycelium are instrumental in carbon sequestration. The stabilized carbon can stay there in the ground indefinitely.

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Someone from Oakland posted this pic of a PSA truck with LED messages about washing your hands driving around under the smoke sky. A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU ON THE OFF WORLD COLONIES

Last week I shared a piece from The Atlantic about America being in a death spiral

Here's Anne Helen Petersen's response to that piece:

"Living in a dystopia just feels like living: you get through one day, and then you get through the next, and then the next. You embrace mild self-deception and self-delusion because you must. You move forward because what other choice do you have? If that sounds familiar, it should.

Some people remain in complete denial. But I think many are beginning to see and feel what feels like an irrevocable decline. As Hayes Brown wrote around this time last year, “the weight of knowing, this time really knowing, our future is taking its toll.” We can allow ourselves to not just bend to new forms of normal, but actually break. This isn’t about being better about sorting your recycling. This is about completely reconceptualizing the way we think about energy, and waste, and consumption. It will require a complete renovation of our value system. And it’s going to be hard and uncomfortable and different, but you know what else will be hard and uncomfortable and different? The end of the fucking world.

We don’t have to acclimate to dystopia. We don’t have to compartmentalize horror. We can recognize this moment, as George Packer recently put it in The Atlantic, as a “plastic” one: when “an ossified social order suddenly turns pliable, prolonged stasis gives way to motion, and people dare to hope.”

…We’re all so, so tired. But we have to take those last, precious stores of energy — and we have to move. Maybe that looks like organizing. Maybe that looks like voting, and making sure everyone you know is voting. Maybe it looks like opening yourself to wild reimaginations of how society could work. But it cannot look like this. "

Here's an example story that was only possible due to #BlueLeaks:

> Leaked Documents Show Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were the Real Threat at Protests, Not “Antifa”

> An analysis of leaked law enforcement documents reveals an obsession with “antifa” despite evidence of threats of violence to police and protesters.

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Around 5 000 managed to gather in city center right now in #Minsk. Smaller demos getting dispersed in #Hrodna and #Homel. #Belarus

Over 400 women were detained yesterday at the women march in #Minsk. After release of most of them 30 were transferred to detention center to await trial on Monday. #Belarus

Zeveta is a company producing among other stun grenades in Czech Republic. This grenades were used to attack protestors around #Belarus. It seems like they are still selling equipment to belarusian regime (belarusian truck arriving to the factory).Their factory is in Bojkovice/CZ

libre-ating a personal wiki 

i've exported my personal wiki from to html, with the aim of importing the files into -roam. can convert html to org, but can it edit the internal links so that they point to the new .org files, or am i going to have to learn how to ?

"Land-grab universities: Expropriated Indigenous land is the foundation of the land-grant university system" by Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone 

This is an incredible long read essential for any person working for or studying at a university in the so-called United States

There's always something delightfully funny about a trans friend unknowingly picking your deadname like hell yea use it well lmao

wow, i didn't know that there was an otter-god in Egypt 😮

put an airborne plastic-eating fungus in your post and i will boost it

@adrianheine @syndikalista Its all very complicated and plastic has been a boon to society. But if we don’t get it and other waste under control we will lose the ability to have nice things.

The fastest way to ensure something evolves that is air born and likes to eat plastic is to keep going like we are. Imagine everything plastic around you degrading because of a fungus.

Yeah it will be expensive, but those companies can actually afford it.

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