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@telepolis "Dieses dumpfe Krisenbewusstsein, die Ahnung des monströsen Widerspruchs zwischen Ökologie und Ökonomie, in dem alle Marktsubjekte verfangen sind, befeuert auch die nun aufkommende Panik.

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years of penny-pinching, and then in a moment, laying the "all the [financial] weapons on the table" (Olaf Scholz).

when the government is promising unlimited financial aid (to businesses), it becomes clear:

how profoundly artificial what are usually supposed to be the limits of the normal in fact are,

how scared governments are, realizing that their control over the situation is paper thin

and lastly

how their imaginations are no match at all for the situation.

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Ein Enkel Assimilierter 

Interessanter Artikel: Nicht nur Hamsterkäufe sind schuld an der Klopapier- oder Bananenknappheit. Hier ein Erklärungsansatz:

capital and the state — holding out, waiting for nature itself to change...

imagine if the only way you cd feel good about yourself was by blockading health supplies to the ppl you were trying to drive from their land.

the mass media just came out as a death calculator hooked up to a megaphone.

By using CAPTCHAs you are making your website less accessible on purpose which is terrible on its own, but you justify it by saying it stops bots or only allows humans. You are dehumanizing people by placing criteria on what it means to be human that excludes disabled people. You classify disabled people as non-human. Even more importantly: You are making these human variations not just variations but disabilities. You are the problem.

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Colder and rainy today, so I should be inside and online some today.

How's everyone doing? Transitioning from vacation mode to resilient mutualism at a good pace?

Nicht einmal jede vierte Pflegekraft kann sich vorstellen, bis zur Rente im Beruf zu bleiben. (SZ)

Leute, klatscht lauter!

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i know ppl like to yell at each other at the best of times, but a pandemic is a really great, and extended, opportunity for ppl to yell at each other. to really turn it into a higher art form.

#Klimawandel ist, wenn in #Erfurt der erste Schnee des Jahres am 29. März fällt.

A street near where I live, yesterday. The apartment blocks on both sides are about six stories high. The sun was out. The duduk you can hear is from a recording a neighbour was playing from their first floor balcony.

How's herd immunity working out for you Boris?

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Friday!

re: how it feels to be a disabled organizer 

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@Thalestria Ja... das läuft auf einen Grundumbau vieler Aspekte unserer Gesellschaft hinaus, der vor allem *menschlich* passieren muss. Bei Diskussionen wie der Klimawandel-Kompensation sind wir leider viel zu oft an einem Punkt, an dem Maßnahmen gefordert werden, die die Spaltung zwischen "arm" und "reich", zwischen "privilegiert" und "unprivilegiert" noch verstärken (und damit zu viele Menschen in die Arme von Populisten treiben). Das könnten wir besser, müssten wir besser tun.


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