Over 30 Police officers intimidated and threatened youth climate activists from @ukscn_london with arrest yesterday

It's absolutely disgusting that @sciencemuseum would choose to call the cops on climate activists rather than drop sponsorship from Shell


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To get his wealth, he spent his health,
And then with might and main
He turned around and spent his wealth
To get his health again.

-- Anonymous

Last May, an area of forest over three times the size of New York City was wiped out of the Amazon. This cannot go on. Bolsonaro’s destructive agenda must be stopped before it’s too late for the climate, biodiversity, and for the lives of Indigenous People

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shadows can't replace
the tempting case of Jesus
balm for the human race

wild blackberry bush
prize picks of needy children
they taste like a rush

Join us in learning more about things we can do to protect our planet and about the bigger picture - how we can win the fight against the environmental crisis through systemic changes. Find out more >> bit.ly/3vs7fDy

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We need to change our consumption habits, but more importantly, we need to pressure big corporations to invest in alternative ways to deliver their products to us without using single-use plastic.

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beauty never dies
it only vies in ascent
spent to rise above

"If we have human rights at the foundation of health-care, we will save more than lives.
We will save memories, dreams, passions & purpose.
We can stop another person’s time from running out… if we just act now."



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The world is at a turning point.

Over the past year we’ve learnt about what it means to act in a crisis. But we’ve also seen what happens when world leaders don’t listen to science and act with urgency.

We need action, not more empty words. #G7Summit #ActNow

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to stroll is

the flowers
bring out me

the sweet breeze
moves by me

the sunshine
brightens me


we know color, but
do we know
black and white?

reality does show, but
sight brings out
the range of bright

win a peace
please your needs
negatives appease
positive deeds

Systemic change addresses the roots of the big pollution problem perhaps most directly. Ecology studies earth systems.

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