First time working in a coffee shop today since 2019. I missed the people, the energy, and someone else's playlist working out of my house the past 2 years.

Running Solaris and CDE in a virtual machine, partying like it's 1994 again...

Except the keyboard! I loved the Sun type 5 keyboard!

And that 21" Sony trinitron monitor that threatened to collapse my desk!

So every #Linux desktop Mastodon client is rated 3 stars or lower in the software centres I have configured... What are people actually using?

Before you complain about mastodon's speed as the network absorbs thousands of new users, I urge you to think back to the frequency we used to get the on twitter.

Someone got so mad at being suspended from they sent an e-mail to my hosting provider *and* the FBI

Deactivating my Facebook account, skipping Twitter, and checking out the fediverse for a while. That, and the BBS scene.

Welcome to Sector Disk! This is an online community of users on a single 1.44MB floppy disk! Every user owns one or more of the 2880 512-byte sectors on the disk and can edit them either in a shell or by uploading them via SFTP.

Week 1 with torn-out kitchen. Appliances and cabinets on order.

Synology NAS - check.
Installed OpenWRT on my router - check.
ran CAT6 cables from my office to the router - check.
Finally, a proper homelab to work with.

Today's challenge - setting up reverse proxy and letsencrypt SSL on a router running DD-WRT.

I'm not even changing the "toot!" button to anything, I'm just changing "someone boosted your toot" to "someone boosted your post" but you listen to how people are talking about it and it's the end of the world

While I'm intrigued by a container to limit information leakage into a social network app, I'm wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to just *not* be on that network?

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