How do I talk to someone who sees cutting and self harm as something enjoyable

i wish i wish i could help her out but i know nothing i say is working

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i am not equipped to talk to depressed suicidal girls

Whats stopping me from buying a maga hat, getting into the twitter maga and making friends, then making up some bullshit about how i need money for college because my hispanic mother cut me off and grifting thousands of dollars.

it will be a long time before i actually put anything online because i was never a good drawer, just below average

Oh no. I'm gonna get weirdly and uuncomfortably attached to delta rune. I can feel it.

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didnt watch the thing. Dissapointing. On the other hand delta rune gives me a reason to live

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Plans for tonight

-watch "the thing"

-cry because none of my friends consistently talk to me

It's pouring rain while I listen to radiohead so the mood for the day is pretty much set

I'm starting to fall asleep/get sleepy in class which I only used to do when I was on drugs and depressed so uhhhhhh not a good sign

Small account living because having more than 300 followers partly poisoned my brain because I don't know what genuine human interaction is.

Whiniest bitch online but it just be like that all the time

Like damn I really surpressed years of memories only for it to be brought back like we worked so hard brain

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Salvaged the family pc's old hard-drive to get some music out and I have a strong urge to format it to get rid of pictures about the old me

Theres a roundtrip flight to japan that costs 1.1k$ and only lasts 18 hours and really im bout to risk it all with the US govt

There is a weird pulsing sensation in my brain that's I making me irritable

Love to eat tasteless garbage. Fuck this I'm ordering some shit

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Whoever made the crock pot deserves to get shot. Crock pot beef is garbage.

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