even if you think it is even if you think it's infecting something it's all fake it's all in your head

ATTENTION: ALL HOMESTUCK KINNIES! John Egbert is in BIG TROUBLE, and he needs YOUR help to defeat Jack Noir and create the new universe! To do this, he's gonna need a cache of BUILD GRIST and

ppl who say naegi is boring are fuckign cowards. has anyone else referred to themselves as a meat teen? i think the fuck not!

@ people just now discovering homestuck real...where were you when dave strider ran for senate.

this is old and rushed I need to draw clover again...
I hope they had a good birthday

im on the zexal episode where black mist debuts and honestly not excited to see the fanfiction for this

coochie sir. get your piping hot fresh coochie here!

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