After I left looks like the birdsite suspended my account after I set my bio to

I then had to log back in and I had to solve a captcha. I dug through Twitter Rules and I'm pretty sure they're pissed off that the only thing I used Twitter was to siphon users to my Mastodon account. :patcat:

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Yeah I heard a rumour they were going after people who posted the #MastoMonday hashtag over there as well.
A multi-billion dollar company cutting off the oxygen to a minnow like fedi. Sad behaviour on their part.

@tskaalgard Quite possibly. If the word got out that there is a social platform where you're more like a citizen rather than a user then there could easily be a mass migration.
Alternatively maybe they haven't realised the potential of the fediverse and are just being bullies.
My money's on the former.


@polarhive I have two accounts and recently switched to mastodon cross-posting from two accounts here, twitter bios pointing here. It was because they started suspending one of those accounts as a bot that I switched!

That continued for a while. First I had to complain, then a few times to solve captchas. That account is 12 years old and 130K tweets, but their algo thought it was a bot.

The other is younger, as active and more followed but has never been suspended.

Hard to say what criteria they use.

@polarhive Twitter is horrible. I'm glad the bastards can't silence me here.

doubt it ;)
if you setup your own crossposter and didn't configure it properly (eg. permit crossposting boosts), twitter considers this as spam and abuse of their api...
happend to me ;)
it even happened to @renatolond ;)

@pmj @renatolond
The old one (As shown in the 4th screenshot) worked fine even with cross posting. I deleted that account sometime in october.

I then made a new account just to hold the username. The only thing I did was point the link in my bio to Mastodon.

@polarhive i got suspended out of the blue for api violations several weeks after i stopped using my own crossposter ;)
the twitter AI is total crap ;)

@polarhive Interesting 🤔 I know many people who have set their Birdsite display name to their Mastodon handle or advertise for Mastodon otherwise and didn't get suspended.Maybe they really dislike that specific blog post 😆 Well,it's not a big loss,Mastodon is better anyway.

Here's an snapshot (July) eventhough I changed my name, as long as there were some posts (keeps people reading on TW nothing happened.)

I later deleted that account and now they've suspended my dummy account for spam.

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