All the school teachers using YouTube as a repository for class materials, the official Indian ICSE channel, religious live streams, NGOs, non-profits will have ads turned on by default. Solution? .

So I'm guessing ad blocking will be illegal (against ToS) on soon. In the worst case even embeded videos serving ads. Its a sinking ship.

Upload on educate your subscribers to find you on your @peertube channel

@polarhive @peertube Hasn't blocking ads always been against ToS?That still doesn't make it illegal.If you use it without an account,they can't harm you for blocking ads.The only thing they could do is preventing you from accessing the page but then solutions will be found and addons will be made to circumvent that.I mean you are totally right and Youtube sucks and people should switch to Peertube but I don't think they will.NewPipe,Invidious and youtube-dl are still here to save your privacy and time 😉

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