This can happen to Signal too. Don't forget, rents servers from and which is out of their control.

I don't care about but people should be given the choice to decentralise and block / join instances - like you can on a self hosted

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@polarhive I don't think Amazon will deplatform Signal.It brings them too much money with the recent growth.But we should think about the question if we want to indirectly support Amazon which is known for collecting tons of data and exploiting its workers in the warehouses.I don't,therefore Signal is a no go for me 👎

I really see this in Signal's future, how can it not happen? I mean, Amazon!!! CIA contractor and US jurisdiction, does anyone honestly think a corporation doesn't need the blessing of the government to exist?

@nipos @polarhive
However, for grandma,family, its a huge improvement and likely the only realistic replacement (available from play store, app store, free account, no setup/config)

@lps @polarhive Did you have a look at ?It's a Signal fork without centralized servers and random IDs instead of a phone number but very easy to use anyway.That's the one I'd recommend to grandma or the family.And for the nerd friends,I have Matrix and Jabber.

As I understand they're in the process of forking to their own session protocol but I don't this it's available yet, fingers crossed.

It works on block chain though wouldn't this be an issue? Do we need crypto to participate on the network? I'm a bit confused if it's free.

@lps @polarhive You're right that they're currently working on their own protocol.The main advantage is that it will make multi-device support available again.But it's already usable with the Signal protocol and works really good and reliable.There's no reason to wait.And no,you don't need crypto to participate.It can be used totally for free.I think they're planning to include a crypto wallet into the app but it will be optional,just like in Telegram.

@nipos @lps @polarhive

Mental Outlaaw describes some ways to get around some of #Signal 's shortcomings.. ( )

For most people, the advantage Signal has, at the moment, over its competitors is the feature set... Like #encrypted voice and video calling (including group) etc..

@nipos @polarhive I like that Amazon, the same people who hire contractors to stalk employees who speak of unionizing, is trying to tell us what is or isn't morally correct for their platform.

And some people are actually buying it.


Signal is against decentralisation/ federation and forks.. #Signal is unacceptable.

@polarhive This whole thing has really shown the true colors of just about everyone involved with technology and the internet. Eight years ago was the public blackout for SOPA due to concerns of government pressure on companies to block/censor content it doesn't like.
Today is cheering for government politicians pressuring companies to block/censor content it doesn't like.

It's like everyone collectively lost the ability to think past 'Step 1' of where this eventually leads to.

@polarhive I think the best OPSEC for services in danger of the plug being pulled is to diversify your infrastructure. Use both cloud providers and colocation/bare metal servers for everything including DNS. Even fallback DNS for example.

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