All 3 Browser Ecosystem Suck!
Look's like everyone is following 's model.

on device
Brave's on device BAT Rewards
and this new Scroll thing

All 3 browsers are 'owned' (influenced) by Google.
The rendering engine (Chromium/Blink) & Funding (Mozilla/Firefox)

Alt browsers like qutebrowser don't have a cross device ecosystem

won't release as
We don't live in the magical
We are at the mercy of
"Baker joined the Source Code podcast to discuss what's happening at Mozilla, why she thinks web browsers are still so important, how blockchain and crypto might reinvent the web and why, after two decades of thinking about the internet's technology questions, it's time to spend more time thinking about its human ones"


Mitchell Baker took $3 million from Mozilla and she still think it was too few.
She is not trustworthy.

@polarhive what browser do you use and what do you recommend?

@critical Ungoogled-Chromium / LibreWolf for general use.

Tor Browser for Privacy

imo, with any type of Chromium, you're still supporting Google in their web dominance.
Tor is good, but breaks a lot of sites (which is more a problem of the site than Tor, but still - inconvenient)
Haven't tried LibreWolf. is it something like hardened Firefox?

@critical Yes, LibreWolf is hardened Firefox.

Firefox or Chromium both are influenced by Google. Unless it's another 'indie' engine there's no pricking Google.

@polarhive @critical
What do you think of console-based browsers? Are they any more secure?

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