@polarhive the way I see it, there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising in itself - how else are websites and free online services (browsers even) supposed to sustain themselves? Simply blocking all trackers and thinking the problem has been solved would be very naive.

The real problem is centralized data collection by massive ad networks.

What Brave does is combine diverse technologies to serve you ads in an ethical manner - your data never leaves your device!


@polarhive I certainly don't mind seeing ads as long as I know I'm supporting the wesbites I love and the browser I use, all while keeping my data local, private and fully under control!

Right now I disable ad blockers on websites I want to support, exposing myself to the trackers but this is hardly ideal.

BAT gives website owners a chance at an non privacy invasive revenue stream and I've seen an uptick in the number of supported websites recently.


@polarhive Of course Brave's monopoly over BAT is... unfortunate, but this system can work without Brave, give it a few years.

What is important is they have proved that such a system can work - that we can have personalized advertising without the need to give up our privacy.

@polarhive finally, quoting from your article -

"Again, when you have a paying customer (the advertiser) - making a privacy-first browser isn’t your main goal, it’s a side effect of what they truely want to achive. i.e. push BAT to more users."

Advertising and complete privacy can coexist, please take a look at how BAT functions.


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