Ditched with archinstall
I highly recommend to try it out if you don't miss calamares.

With Wayland I can scale my screen to 50% and get more screen space on a 1366x768 display.

Parallel downloading in Firefox is realllllly fast! :catjam: compared to Brave/Chromium.

I'm still confused how to transfer my YouTube brand account? to another one before I delete this.
Stay tuned.. polarhive.ml/blog/degoogle/

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Wow, thanks Google. :pika:
Y'all made it easier by giving me a deadline.

I stopped uploading to Google Photos since January as a part of my resolution to this year. Its about time to purge all 15,000 photos and archive my account (almost 10gigs) i.e. June 1st 2021.

Then the only thing I'll directly rely on Google is for YouTube (NewPipe). I later plan to block it all at the DNS level.

I was foolish to trust their AI with my photos in the first place smh. Better late than never.

After I left looks like the birdsite suspended my account after I set my bio to polarhive.ml/Why-I-Left-Twitte

I then had to log back in and I had to solve a captcha. I dug through Twitter Rules and I'm pretty sure they're pissed off that the only thing I used Twitter was to siphon users to my Mastodon account. :patcat:


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