All the school teachers using YouTube as a repository for class materials, the official Indian ICSE channel, religious live streams, NGOs, non-profits will have ads turned on by default. Solution? .

So I'm guessing ad blocking will be illegal (against ToS) on soon. In the worst case even embeded videos serving ads. Its a sinking ship.

Upload on educate your subscribers to find you on your @peertube channel

After I left looks like the birdsite suspended my account after I set my bio to

I then had to log back in and I had to solve a captcha. I dug through Twitter Rules and I'm pretty sure they're pissed off that the only thing I used Twitter was to siphon users to my Mastodon account. :patcat:

I've reduced my NewPipe (YouTube) traffic by unsubscribing 20-30 YouTube channels. Found most of them on LBRY or PeerTube and followed them there.

@lbry can you bring ActivityPub/RSS support for LBRY channels? Like how does for blogs.

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Just cleaned up my social profiles. It's so toxic.

Towards a larger personal goal of mine - "" a complete guide to prioritize and switch to the fediverse over other corporate social media.

I'll blog on this later. Perhaps a video on PeerTube? 👀


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