I love this rant by THO on the documentary doesn't solve the problem, they don't expose viewers to better platforms like the and the general old school web.

They just keep talking about all the bad things and say 'hey this is the end, deal with it'. I wish if they interviewed devs, and independent creators.

All the school teachers using YouTube as a repository for class materials, the official Indian ICSE channel, religious live streams, NGOs, non-profits will have ads turned on by default. Solution? .

So I'm guessing ad blocking will be illegal (against ToS) on soon. In the worst case even embeded videos serving ads. Its a sinking ship.

Upload on educate your subscribers to find you on your @peertube channel

After I left looks like the birdsite suspended my account after I set my bio to

I then had to log back in and I had to solve a captcha. I dug through Twitter Rules and I'm pretty sure they're pissed off that the only thing I used Twitter was to siphon users to my Mastodon account. :patcat:

I've reduced my NewPipe (YouTube) traffic by unsubscribing 20-30 YouTube channels. Found most of them on LBRY or PeerTube and followed them there.

@lbry can you bring ActivityPub/RSS support for LBRY channels? Like how does for blogs.

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Just cleaned up my social profiles. It's so toxic.

Towards a larger personal goal of mine - "" a complete guide to prioritize and switch to the fediverse over other corporate social media.

I'll blog on this later. Perhaps a video on PeerTube? 👀


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