Surprised about the latest hack? was right.

If you run non-free software you get what you deserve. Governments love having control. Trying to sue the NSO group is useless. and will have more 0 day vulnerabilities.

Politicians are running the same phones as the rest of us. (most of us). All of which are controlled by non-free software.

Demand for 100% as it's the only objective way to make sure you can be secure.

However, it is only possible to install Windows 11 on hardware that is UEFI, Secure Boot, and TPM 2.0 — and its the 2.0 that’s important — enabled. This killer combo of hardware requirements excludes swathes of computers made more than 5 or 6 years ago, including some of Microsoft’s own.

to end 10 support on October 14th, 2025

Get punked! You never used Windows, you only rented it from Microsoft. They decide how you do your computing. Use a free software operating system.

P.S. See that next screenshots attached.

All 3 Browser Ecosystem Suck!
Look's like everyone is following 's model.

on device
Brave's on device BAT Rewards
and this new Scroll thing

All 3 browsers are 'owned' (influenced) by Google.
The rendering engine (Chromium/Blink) & Funding (Mozilla/Firefox)

Alt browsers like qutebrowser don't have a cross device ecosystem

won't release as
We don't live in the magical
We are at the mercy of


RMS is one of the most strongest voices in terms of and helps distance away from and the

For the sake of PR - The FSF should make sure he's isn't the only voice. His talks doesn't appeal to the current generation of 'zoomers'. After RMS becomes too old the values of freesoftware shouldn't get diluted by Microsoft/Linux Foundation or any other 'open source' movement which doesn't emphasize on freedom.

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gives you freedom. Use copy left at your advantage. You don't have to donate to or agree with his sour political views.

There are better localized FSF organizations that you should rather donate to, like @fsfi and @fsfe solving regional problems, helping freesoftware in your very own country.

If you have some spare bucks - donate em to an indie dev, developing freesoftware.


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