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The "smart" collar morphed into a harness. It half worked (I did a better job counting the seconds in my head). That's already a start.
is fine. Have a sleepy . Goodnight.

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Can someone give me some #tips? I want to make a comfortable and not too loose #dog harness. (long) Show more

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I finally made an account on
I can stay at two places at the same time.

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My really bad English and no editing features Siiigh >_<

I'd like to go to the dog park more often but it's really too ...bleh šŸ¤¢
Dog owners in other countries seem a little more civil??
I'm lucky and I can go to the country.

I still don't know if the "smart" collar for my epileptic dog works.
That's good, actually. ^^

Have a goodnight scribble, Mastodon. ^^
Buona notte.
ą·ƒą·”ą¶· ą¶»ą·ą¶­ą·Šą¶»ą·’ą¶ŗą¶šą·Š

4.0 (still in beta) has nice masked brushes.
I think that some of them emulate watercolor well enough.
Translation: like the real ones, I can't use them at all without making a mess. XD

And episodes need to be timed but I always end up counting the seconds in my head because setting a timer or looking at a clock isn't exactly doable when you have to administer a medicine to an animal that doesn't stop moving. .-.

I never played with arduino before but, for some peace of mind, I want to make a "smart" collar for my epileptic dog.
Bells already do a fine job (I only use them when she sleeps) but I guess that I can monitor other things.
Next month I'm going to talk to the vet about what can be useful to check.

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