im pretty sure google is catching onto me because it gave me like 8 captchas in a row

i wonder how many users join and don't realize that all their stuff goes to the local timeline by default

hey infosec ppl new to, please try to remember that the queer furry weirdos were actually here before you.

Please don't post channer slang or slurs or pepes on the PTL. This is a shared home.

there are a lot of beautiful emoji out there that nobody talks about

hi my name is p̠̠̞̦̘͍̜o̫̰͔̬̼̝̲l͇̥̝̹͖͔y͔̭̬̹̗̣ and im a robot

how many of those people who just left do you think are going to come back
but more importantly
is a low percentage pessimistic or optimistic

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