Social Media Crap 

ugh. how do you deal with one of your Good Friends having a Twitter Friend who's just like...a major creep? Do you deal with it at all? Like everyone here is adults, right? People can make their own decisions. And it's not my place to confront someone about the people they are Online Interacting with, but like...this person just seems like a terrible individual and I kinda wanna know WHY my friend is fucking with them?

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Social Media Crap 

I'm not gonna subtoot even though I don't think they're even on Masto, but without going into TOO much (potentially triggering) detail...let's just say this person has Bad Opinions, and they seem to be intentionally abrasive and pseudointellectual about their Bad Opinions

Social Media Crap 

(also this person doesn't really seem to have a problem with predators and transphobes and has said some things themself that seem pretty dogwhistley in terms of transphobia but like...the friend who's friends with them IS TRANS? and not at ALL the type to consider anyone to be "Fake Trans™")

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