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idk how many people are seeing me on the local and federated timelines vs how many are just coming from my twitter but anyway hi! as a quick intro i'm bobby. i'm a trans artist from daytona beach, fl making a game called Super Lesbian Animal RPG

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the lack of nazis probably makes it slightly less nightmarish than it would be elsewhere i think but it's still wild to see complete strangers on an instance with 200k users clearly subtooting each other through the local feed

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you get every user's random musings whether they're a 40-year-old web developer tweeting about linux or furries tweetin about catboys all on one rapid fire feed

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i can't decide whether the local and federated tl's on the bigger instances are either a neat feature or one of the most terrifying features i have ever seen on a social network

okay i didn't know mastodon had custom emojis fuck twitter this really is the better website :fatyoshi:

bee doesn't have a mastodon to my knowledge but i'm going to plug her soundtrack for the SLARPG demo here because it owns

i should post these here too! these are some mockups i made for fun of SLARPG reinterpreted as an NES platformer

i also can't say that everyone telling me "oh you're gonna wanna move off of ms to a different instance eventually" is particularly reassuring, but i can't find any clear answers explaining whether or not the account migration lets me just pack up and move to a different instance or if i'd literally have to start from scratch on a different instance and just link to that account here

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my one major complaint right now is that i have to actually click on my toots to see how many boosts and favs they have which is a problem tweetdeck had for a while but fixed like a week ago

i already feel winded just trying to use masto, twitter, and tumblr at the same time for like two hours i'm sorry

don't get too excited about me posting art lol i can only convince myself to pick up my tablet pen like twice a month

here's a drawing that scott benson has seen and got shared in the fanart roundup of an official nitw kickstarter update

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here are some NES (and bass from mega man 10) sprite updates i did for fun a couple months ago

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here's a drawing of fluttershy i did over a year ago that i still like

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what else do i post on masto. uhhh here's the full drawing of my fursona from my icon

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