God shut up Thancred. Push him off of a ledge Minfillia and we can go get ice cream or something.

I was excited to eat out for dinner and go grocery shopping, but after dividing my check into packets for bills...yea. Not happening.

I’m glad we have a good amount of pantry food and dog’s just got a new bag. Makes spreading $20 to fill in gaps less awful.

What little time I’ve spent not asleep has been aided by caffeine, and since shitty roommate hasn’t paid us back for bills or anything we can’t really afford groceries(we have plenty of food) so I guess I’ll either have to drink a LOT of tea or sleep non-stop for the next two weeks.

ff14 spoilers 

I do like the intrigue with Grandpappy Garlean, but worried that since we’re going to spend the next expansion is the AU it’s going to be Matt stuck under a wall all over again

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ff14 spoilers 

I am done with these motherfucking Garleans coming back every week. Nero at least was fun. I guess Gaius got a glow-up(I want his jacket), but it is seriously just a completely different character.
Zenos was boring enough as the BBEG when he was alive...

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ff14 spoilers 

Solus stop negging your grandson.

Feeling like sleeping for 10,000 years and all I did was drop off a script and grocery shop.

endlame spoilers 

So the last movie ended exactly like thr first with Ironman learning to be less selfish and sacrifice himself? Sure glad those ten years of character development worked for them

Me: “Oh, I like the name Cal. I could go by that”
Brain: “Isn’t that the name of the evil puppet in Homestuck?”
Me: “Why do you hate my happiness?”

Feels weird to see mutuals post screencaps of their Discord chat and feeling left out. Like, it is dumb. But still. “Guess I’m not that close friends” is a stupid high schooler shit to think.

Google: can I be manic and depressed at the same time

I fucking hate windows 10 with an unending passion of a thousand suns

While dealing with crushing depression due to finances, Dusty reminds us he is moving out so our finances will be even tighter next month so COOLCOOLCOOL

Been too lazy to relogin to Mastodon so hi I’m back and unable to sleep

So goddamn tired of being stuck in bed and sick and gaaaah <curls up and goes back to sleep forever>

So goddamn tired of being stuck in bed and sick and gaaaah <curls up and goes back to sleep forever>

I am just completely done with shitty roommate.
“You don’t want me drunk, I become really obnoxious!”
<under my breath>become?

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