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“Surprise guest” and native Texan Marianne Williamson endorses Bernie Sanders for president at his rally in Austin, TX

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and . MSNBC’s language against a Jewish man and Black women is not acceptable and would not be ok from Trump. You can disagree with us politically but not this filth.

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I've watched Darla's canvassing videos on twitter for (I think) over a year now. It's amazing to see the results of all that hard work she and others put in. ☺️

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Things went SO well for my caucus site here in East Las Vegas. I am SO excited to announce that we QON the majority of delegates here at this location in EVERY precinct. Let's keep this going!!

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Wonder how many rubles he got for this. Would have thought that residuals from a few hit TV sitcoms would have been enough to prevent him from having to do the Kremlin’s work. twitter.com/karaswisher/status

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"We must step forward into the future in order to win and in order to govern a country that will be facing issues the likes of which we barely thought of just a few years ago. I am asking you to join me so that we can deliver that future together." —@PeteButtigieg@twitter.com closer VERBATIM

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Here’s a warning to the establishment: if Bernie has the most votes and he ends up not getting the nomination, it won’t only guarantee a Trump victory, but it will rip the Democratic Party in half. Don’t test us.

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Bernie is the only candidate who thinks the candidate with the most votes should win

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Leftists need to understand that Medicare for All is too big of a leap: careful incrementalism is the only way. As Democrats, our job is to build change at a slow enough pace that Republicans have the time and support they need to quickly dismantle it

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Holy shit. 😳

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If you think mean tweets are offensive, wait until you hear about Mike Bloomberg's 30-year history of racism and misogyny... twitter.com/MikeBloomberg/stat

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I feel like this tweet was written about me specifically

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If you're not happy single, you won't be happy dating someone

Happiness comes from electing Bernie Sanders for president, not relationships

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For those unaware of what the Contras did with US help, Ilhan Omar talks about it here: youtu.be/InGCmxCjaWE

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To my friends in New York, I still have some connections w/old Contra leaders...if needed.

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From what I understand, this guy IS NOT the Utah Democratic Party Chair. That would be @jeffreymerchant@twitter.com, and I doubt he'd be very thrilled to see someone embarrassing the Utah Dem Party like this, especially given how popular Bernie is in the state.

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Utah Democratic Party chair, ya'll. While Bernie is asked to apologize for random tweeters, this is who is overseeing the election process in Utah.

I haven't seen any of our typical tone police out here denouncing this, or demanding:


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📣 Lots of new Bernie voting friends are on Mastodon lately! :mastodon:

Let's do a "follow-for-follow"🚀

Please add these new users so they can grow their base 🐘 🔥

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Thanks for being here... ❤️ 👍🏾

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Bernie Sanders is not on Mastodon yet. Our goal is to get him here, on his own server! 🐘

If you like the idea, email info@berniesanders.com & request he do this.

People from all over the 🌍 are welcome to add their voices!

If you have Twitter or FB friends, this signup link puts them where most Berners are now:


I'll greet each user & give tech help as they need it. Also, share this startup guide.👇🏾

Discord users can join us here: discord.gg/bHpsyQ 🙂

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Update: I've just been kicked off the board at Unicode. They're not ready for me yet, clearly :blobby_smile:

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