We are fighting for women's rights... ALL women's rights, and not just a relatively small group of wealthy white cis women.

That's the entire point.

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If men fought for women’s rights like they’re fighting for trans women, we’d be at least a few thousand years ahead of where we are now.

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Just a reminder that these people would happily murder you and everyone you care about if they were ever allowed to get full control.

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i see a lot of people celebrating trump being banned, but i for one am very concerned about what this means for freedom of speech. imagine: a corporation exhibiting influence over a politician. sounds impossible, no? not any more. welcome to the new cyber reality

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This is amazing. Stop what you are doing right now and watch this.

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Without saying your age post 4 albums that came out when you were 14.

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Without saying your age post 4 albums that came out when you were 14. twitter.com/VicVela1/status/13

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How do you temporarily mute any tweets with certain peoples names in them? Asking for a friend.


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List of leftist Youtubers from best to worst,

A thread 🔥

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I had no idea Destiny’s comments were this terrible. There is no excuse for this, and no one on the left ever platform or legitimize this guy.

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@twittingtwats@twitter.com @VaushV@twitter.com “The rioting needs to fucking stop. And if that means WHITE** red-neck militia dudes out there mowing down dip-shit protestors that think they can torch buildings at 10pm, then at this point, they have my fucking blessing.”

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Is it just me, or does it seem like left twitter is going off the deep end lately? I can't recall a time since I've been active where I've seen this much unnecessary drama and infighting between people. Just an observation.

Jesse Ventura would be a uniquely unifying candidate to represent a party like @PeoplesParty_US@twitter.com in 2024. He has left policies coupled with a personality that many on the right would gravitate towards. If he ran on a ticket with someone like Nina Turner, they might have a chance.

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Jesse Ventura is only 69 and in fantastic shape and is absolutely assured victory if he runs in 2024

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Also, here's the thread where he explained what happened: twitter.com/_SecondThought/sta

He also had previously received a threatening visit from DHS agents over another video he made.

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This YouTube creator had his video on the CIA shadowbanned from the platform to prevent it from being seen, presumably at the behest of the CIA or some other government agency. Please share this far and wide.

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You can watch the hidden video in question here: youtube.com/watch?v=_2khAmMTAj

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Two questions for you all:

1. How many of you are currently dealing with debt, from student loans or another source?

2. If debt is currently an issue for you, would you be willing to participate in a starting in January of 2021 (when student loan payments resume)?

Every political faction I don’t like is miserable and freaking out, and it’s absolutely glorious. Kinda feels like this right now: youtu.be/0uHRZ5T5FqY

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