Wow no one is choosing to upgrade. I guess Linux users need their OS to be pristine.

@moetech @popey I imagine most people who want to upgrade use "apt dist-upgrade" and "do-release-upgrade" instead of popping in a DVD image.

@moetech @matt I think you should look at the "upgrade" metric again after the 18.04.1 release. That's the time when LTS users are offered the upgrade 😎

@RyuKurisu @moetech we shall see! But I don't think the upgrade option works on systems using full disk encryption.

Maybe it would make sense to include some backup features for the people who prefer to nuke their old setups and do a fresh install.

@moetech We have shipped a backup program by default in Ubuntu for many years now :)

Oh I didn't realize that. I was thinking of having an option in the installer, but I guess it wouldn't fit in well there.

@popey That 28% auto logon is scary from an opsec perspective!

@popey I would love to see the timezone data broken down further, especially in countries with multiple time zones (like the US, Canada, Russia)

@popey je serais curieux de comparer avec la belle Γ©poque (2006 -> 2010)

I'm surprised that they didn't think of including the CPU cores besides the number of sockets being used. I'm also surprised only β…“ decided to opt-out of the survey. Btw like I already said but the numbers are pretty skewed. The upgrade is less than 1% but that are only users forcing an upgrade. The rest of the (normal) LTS users won't see the upgrade until 18.04.1 is released 😎
Fun fact: average installation time on Ubuntu is 18 min vs 18 days on Windows πŸ˜‚

@popey Does this include VMs? The low portion of 'install alongside' suggests that it does.

Also, hark at the power of defaults, with most people not adding restricted extras, but 90% saying 'install updates'.

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