In a talk titled "Konquering the World" - "Or, how we make KDE software irresistible on the desktop in 7 steps" by Nate Graham. This should be good! :D. I can't wait to find out what those steps are. Any guesses? :)

Step 1: Improve the new user contribution process
Problem - not enough resources
- Reduce difficulyty of setting up a development environment
- Improve contributor documentation
- Increase promotion and outreach efforts
- Avoid insulting our users; be positive!
- More manpower
- People's pet bugs get fixed
- Overall rises broadly
- A sense of forward momentum

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Step 2: Fix longstanding issues
Problem: longstanding issues impede users and damage our reputation
Ideas: Temporarily focus our resources on:
- Discover
- Ballo file indexer
- Samba
- nVidia
- libinput
- multi-screen support
- More frequently-requested features
- Greatwer competitiveness
- Replace bad press with good press

Step 3: Polish the user interface
Problem: Lack of polish
- Fixing little bugs
- System settings usability
- Increasing consistency across apps and plasma
- Streamlining awkward workflows
- Attract dissatisfied users from other platforms
- KDE Software becomes known for its high usability

Step 4: Work with distro partners
Problem: Not enough distros ship out software!
- Increase promotion efforts
- Reach out to distros, especiallyu those that ship unmaintainable forks of GNOME and GTK-based software
- KDE plasma used by default on more distros
- More of the best KDE software shipping on distros

Step 5: Work with hardware partners
Problem: Not enough products ship distros with out software!
- Pitch KDE software to vendors who already ship hardware with a Linux OS pre-installed
- Reach out to vendors of low-cost hardware
- More and more computer users have the option to get KDE Plasma and apps by default with their new hardware

Step 6: Improve the PIM suite
Problem: KDE PIM suite not yet competitive for enterprise use
- Agressively focus efforts on improving the backend
- Polish the user interface on the frontend
- Improve migration and upgrade use cases, and AD compatibility
- Then, encourage more KDE distros to ship it by default
- The KDE PIM suite becomes seen as a serious alternative to proprietary alternatives for business use

Step 7 Improve LibreOffice
Problem: LibreOffice is not a good enough replacement for MS Office
- Encourage KDE contributors and developers to devote a bit of their time to LibreOffice
- Push for better Plasma compatibility
- LibreOffice becomes a better competitor because it:
... Doesn't look and feel alien on KDE Plasma
... Has better usability
... Has improved compatibility with MS Office Documents

Putting it all together

* Stable and reliable
* Full of user-friendly features
* PIM suite performs well in a business environment
* Pre-installed on hardware

Are we there yet?

New contributor friendlyness goal: Good progress
Usability & productivity goal: Good progress
Distro and vendor partnerships: Ongoing
PIM Improvements: Ongoing
Libreoffice: TBD

(end of thread)

@popey Yeh the PIM suite needs some love; I try it every so often and I've never got the calendar side reliable in a big env

@popey The nVidia problem is one of THE killers to KDE adoption

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