why is the "Proprietary" license-badge in the #ubuntu :ubuntu: softwarecenter green?

@milan good point, I bet @popey might be able to look into getting that fixed.

@ted @milan To fix implies it's broken, which it isn't. It's a button in GTK land. We use the same colour for the channel button above it. Upstream chose to colour it red, we chose not to do that.

@popey @milan sure, you don't have to make it red. It could be grey for instance. Or desaturated version of the GTK theme's color.

I think the value here is to give a visual signal that free software is better. You don't need to mark proprietary software as 'red' or dangerous, but you can visually promote better choices.

So 'fix' is perhaps wrong. But, I think the visualization can be improved.

@ted @milan Sure, I understand why it's done. Now we start a conversation about defining "better". A bug ridden free software app is always "better" than a functional and beautiful proprietary one? We show the license type / text so users are empowered to make the choice. We don't judge. Putting a red mark implies "bad", and we didn't like that. (for the record, I filed the bug to get it changed from red to green)

*Insert the four essential freedoms of free software and their implications*. That's objectively better.
@ted @milan

@KekunPlazas @ted @milan Better for whom? The person who actually wants to join their team on a Slack call, or wants to sync their data with others on the same platform? I'm not about to get into an argument about Free vs Non Free software on a social media platform at 1am in my holiday thanks.

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