I've been using KDE Plasma for a year on my ThinkPad T450. Only today did I 'discover' that I can right click menu items and add as favourites. I have just been typing what I want. :) Muscle memory of using Unity on for years was strong.

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@popey i pinned my favourites (that is, Krusader and Firefox) to the taskbar and launch everything else with Alt+F2. it's just faster than finding it in the menu
@popey plus custom shortcuts like Meta+E for sublime text because i'm just VERY lazy xD

@popey you also use the alternative menu reduce it to a single level and the favorites will show up as icons sort of like how cinnamon does it

@popey I just use Alt+Space program name for everything 😁 hand rarely leaves the keyboard unless I'm in a mouse heavy application.

@popey do you use activities to split your machine between home work and play?

@popey you should it's a great way to split out work and home it's been a really useful tool for me.

@davmor2 I don't have a lot of windows I would move around for 'work' or 'non-work' so wouldn't find it easy to separate things.

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