@popey Just in case you weren't asking for flames you had to go and write: "The ‘Linux Community’ is really more like the Borg with a terrible HSDPA+ connection back to the Borg Cube, pulling in different directions, believing their instructions are utterly correct and serving the same Borg Queen."

I salute your bravery!

@popey Ah, I saw a little mention of this and was wondering. Thanks for the explanation!

I'd imagine that purists are already running something other than Raspberry Pi OS* and, therefore, unaffected.

* Probably Debian, although it still needs blobs** to boot: wiki.debian.org/RaspberryPi

** Therefore, the ultimate purists will probably not be using a Pi anyway? And might need to skip ARM mainly for now. But, then, most x86 devices also have issues. It's just a giant rabbit hole...

@garrett @popey I got a sense of deja vu

The advice given on the blogs for how to avoid the repo were... hysterical and wrong at best. And IP addresses are SUPER RADIOACTIVE at msft. Nobody is logging those.

@directhex @garrett @popey

:) finaly someone with voice of reason nobody at microsoft is realy logging ips or almost anywhere else for that matter

@bigpod @garrett @popey one of the first things I had to do when migrating mono-project.com's download server to Microsoft infra, post acquisition, was turn off Apache logging & delete all old logs, just in case of PII inside

@popey I guess an easy solution would have been to have the Raspberry Pi foundation taking the package into their repository or going for an own/free software build of VS Code to avoid all the license hassle.

There are many ways to achieve the same without putting people's PII into the hands of Microsoft. I thought we had this thing called GDPR that required Privacy by default, but hey, it's after-Brexit time so I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

@popey none, but various courts in Germany as well as the the EuGH: iitr.de/veroeffentlichungen/da


IP addresses are considered personal identifiable information. GDPR says design should avoid unnecessary collection of data -> Privacy by design.

Sharing PII with companies in the US that sell ad placements, which Microsoft does, is something I wouldn't call privacy by design.

Not saying it's illegal but less than ideal.

@popey I used to hate Microsoft... before i was even using Windows or Linux. But Linux users would keep warning about EEE. I eventually noticed that Microsoft just got stuck in the Embrace phase while Amazon and Google are already far into the Extinguish phase. Seeing a community attacking the wrong companies is twice as upsetting.
Thank you for writing this. It's things like these that will eventually change people's minds.

@strider The only people I hear talking about EEE are those who were born after it all happened. It's very odd to hear people under 20 years old tell me what happened when I was working on Microsoft systems at the time.

@popey sometimes, I feel like the Linux elders transmitted their hatred for Microsoft better than they transmitted the values revolving around open source.

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