@popey I ended up not linking throwing away the paper filter every day either, so I got an espresso style metal filter for my aeropress. In hindsight, the paper filter added a slight bit of paper flavor.

@popey mine is like this: amazon.com/Altura-Mesh-Aeropre

There are a couple different styles available. I found that the solid metal with holes variety/("The DISC") just means that all the grounds get pushed though the side holes of the plastic cap.

Happy coffee making! Its my morning zen ritual.

@popey @paperdigits seconded! Unfortunately I seem to have accidentally thrown away the metal filter with the grounds...

@popey Just FYI, if you ever want to try a very good espresso machine, here's what I've been using for years: amazon.co.uk/Directly-Roasting

It's the ugliest, most unassuming coffee machine in the world, but 1) it takes compostable paper capsules (I suggest you try "caffé Borbone" if you can get it in the UK) and 2) it makes the best, creamiest and richest coffee, to the point that I prefer it over even decent bar coffee.

And keep it up with this coffee series, it's really interesting!

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