Following on from yesterday, this is my command-line only laptop install. Learn about some of the productive and fun Linux applications I run on it. :D

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@popey I used to run OpenBSD on an x61s about a decade ago. It's a solid piece of hardware and wish I still had it.

@popey nmtui is really nice; it's something I've used for a while - got me out of a hole a few times.

@popey Brian Lunduke did a term online tint while back which was fun, I'm still surprised that there isn't (is there?) a cli specific distro out there, fine tuned to provide an ootb cli "GUI" and suite of cli apps for those who would like that? It's possible to just "spin up" an X window with web browser or whatever if really required.
And what's that app that enables mouse in terminal again?


Aaahh, now you make me miss my old computer. Dual screen and using Xmonad as the main window handling, though I also ran Byobu (because I'm lazy) at times. Good times.

Screenshot (on Flickr):
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