@popey you should move off mastodon.social popey 😄

There's whole worlds out here. I rarely interact with people on that server.

@kawaiipunk @popey honestly yes, posts every second, the local timeline is too quick for me and I feel in a crowd of faceless people, in my instance I feel like I know everyone xD

@joeligj12 @popey I once saw a toot that read "friends don't let friends use mastodon.social" 😆

@popey cool post. I’m on mastodon.cloud, so that could be me I the logs. :D

@popey I think Mastodon has grown like this because it's easy to run the instance; it's an interesting contrast to Matrix where running a server is hard.

@penguin42 I found running Mastodon to be a royal pain. Maybe I did it wrong, but I followed a guide online. It ended up eating disk space at an alarming rate. Also, I end up hosting dodgy videos on my instance which come from users elsewhere. Was quite icky.

@popey Hmm is that because of the global time line stuff or something more subtle?

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