Be interesting to see if this thing lives up to the hype. Went for the 16GB RAM / 512GB storage option.

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@gabmus @popey it's interesting hardware. Plus, unfortunately, macOS covers more use cases than any Linux distro.

@brainblasted @popey

> macOS covers more use cases than any Linux distro

Eh, I doubt it, but let's leave it at that, no reason to start a flame war.

@gabmus @brainblasted It's true. One simple example; you can't really write and publish a cross-platform application (for iOS/macOS) without a Mac laptop/desktop. I don't care whether you personally would want to, but the fact remains that's a thing that cannot be done on the Linux desktop.

@popey @brainblasted

True, but that's an artificial limitation imposed by Apple. You don't need Windows to make a Windows application, as you don't need a Chromebook for making Chrome or Android apps.

@gabmus @brainblasted It doesn't matter where the limitation comes from. It's a limitation, and as such counters the doubt that you can do everything on Linux.

@popey @brainblasted Technically, yes. The conversation would then shift towards which things are worth doing 😁

@popey @gabmus macOS also is undeniable more usable for creators. There’s more high-quality software available that “just works” for artists, who don’t want to tinker with dependencies or making sure they’re using the right display server for the right program.

@brainblasted @popey Thankfully this is slowly getting better with Appimages and Flatpaks!

@gabmus @popey It’s still not there yet though, and big names in industry-standard tooling aren’t shipping their apps for Linux yet.

@brainblasted @popey Fortunately I'm in the position of not caring about "industry-standard tooling". But yes, I do understand that there's still work to be done.

I can only hope that more open source projects take the route of Blender and OBS-Studio: open source software becoming the de facto industry standards.

But for my needs, the awesome open source tools that we have in the Linux land are more than enough!

@gabmus @brainblasted The packaging format is irrelevant. It's the applications that are missing.

@popey @brainblasted

Yes, this was in reply to the following:

> who don’t want to tinker with dependencies

@brainblasted @popey

> it's interesting hardware

At least I can agree with that!

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