@popey IMHO, ThinkPads jumped the shark when they killed the seven row keyboard.

@popey They do ship internationally. In Europe then you should check out Tuxedo Computers which is the System76 of Germany.

@popey @boilingsteam
I retired my Thinkpad x230 a few weeks back and bought a Tuxedo pulse 14. I'm very happy with it and the price was umbeatable by other brands.. I'd definitely recommend it..

@Seferi @popey We have a review of the Tuxedo Polaris coming up soon (this week), you might want to check it out.

@popey the non-serviceability of modern laptops is what keeps me from being able to be very excited by them. These days I’m more interested in having a decent home server (running Ubuntu server) for my development and then just whatever computer I’m using connecting to that machine.

@popey been questing for new lapper too with little luck, since AMD Ryzen Zen 2 options *without* nVidia are few and far between, plus I'm in Spain but want UK keyboard...Been waiting for the Lenovo E15 Ryzens to return but alas..
So now looking at MSI Bravo 15 range...bit gamer-ey but maybe an option.
Plus aiming to spend same/less than I did in 2004, the last time I bought a new laptop! (~£700)
I won't consider Intel options unless they are almost giving them away, sorry!

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