@popey I often long for XFCE to offer a way to arbitrarily tab windows together, a la Fluxbox. That could make some of the clutter more tolerable.

@popey I know how you feel. I've managed to draw a hard line on WhatsApp & FB and refuse to use them. As for the rest it seems like a constant never ending battle.

@djsumdog @popey @thrrgilag ty for this one. If I get adventurous I may try this. Anyone remember when “trillion” was the chat solution for this problem?

@lifeofdan @popey @thrrgilag Yep. I was more of a fan of pidgin on Linux and Audium/Mac. AIM/Yahoo/MSN ... all gone now.

@popey a hot topic in recent months, the situation really needs a clever name and cleverer solution! Maybe if could also/instead securely pipe all/filtered inbound chat notifications to your preferred chat/email channel for consideration? (ok, mobile device required?) then...well you still need to access/reply via that network...or do you??
@Bubu is this crazy talk?

@popey for me, I'm slowly moving everything over to Matrix and bridges and puppets. Isn't perfect. Right now that is all IRC, several Matrix rooms and a bridge to my makers pace community.

Their UI has seen a lot of improvement over the last year and I was happy that they seem to see a lot of the issues. They promised to invest in UX as part of their last funding round.

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