Having a play with Spot, a GTK spotify client. Early days, so it's a bit unstable, but pretty well done so far.

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@popey Whee. Missing:

- A snap (well flatpak is ok I guess)
- Auto-generated playlists

Seems to work fine.

@popey Surprisingly, I thought it was server-side, this does not seem to sync to

@juliank While I appreciate that's a notable missing feature, I can seen nothing of value being lost by not scrobbling, tbh.

@popey It's just always been there, not sure if I use that data, but collecting data can always be interesting in retrospective, you never know :D

@popey does it do, & encourage local files/etcetera? I mean, streaming is private property encroaching on personal property.

Does it allow downloading songs for those who have a primium plan

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