People who use static site generators for their blogs. What comment system (if any) do you use. Disqus is 100% off the table.

@popey we use discourse, but we were using discourse for other things already. But it works well.

@popey I don’t do comments; in my experience, moderating them is a giant mess and I would rather link to social media where people are going to discuss it anyway. For the elementary site we have “share” links for social media, and then we link to the posts on our own social media in case people want to find those posts and follow the discussion there.

@cassidyjames Yeah, I'm in two minds. I had a couple of posts go mad on HN recently, and I'd honestly rather that stream was over there :D

@popey None. Discussions tend to happen on whichever social media site I post a blog link to.

@popey I used to use a self-hosted solution from Commento with an old Hugo blog.


For my blog in another life I just say “if you want to comment send an email to this address.” The site doesn’t see a lot of traffic so managing it manually works fine. The extra effort required to comment might reduce low-quality comments but can’t say for sure.

@popey I'm with others here, in that I do not enable comments on my site. Some folks have complained but generally speaking dealing with moderation isn't worth the hassle.

@popey that said if you're bought in on the idea Hyvor talk might be what you're looking for. Not too sure if it's worth the monthly cost though...

@popey if I wanted dialogue id start a bbs now a website

@popey Commento. It's a bit barebones but it's simple, open source and can either be self-hosted or used with a paid subscription.

@popey I use mastodon :) Honestly, it's not as crazy as it sounds and allows direct integration into the fediverse.

@popey Does count? It's very convenient, and it's integrated with the fediverse :)

@popey It would be cool to just have comments appear as ActivityPub toots

@popey I use my own implementation that turns comments into pull requests in GitHub.

@popey It's implemented as custom comments in Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme. In addition to Disqus the theme has Discourse, Facebook, utterances and Staticman built into the theme.

@popey i had disqus then ditched it. I looked at webmentions and couldn't get my head around it. Then I decided I wouldn't bother.

@popey I've slowly set up a trivial form submission server that routes webmentions, etc somewhere I'll see them. I'll manually add links after some curation.

Now I just need to direct people and software to use that service...

@popey I've been using the fediverse for this for years, this way the announcement post also serves for sharing and commenting.
IIRC one person on fedi did a light JS script to grab comments from mastodon's API (no authentication required).

@popey I have an SSG and don't have a direct commenting system.

I publish my email address AND enable Webmention end points. It works well, because I'm not in the business of monitoring comments.

@jdaviescoates @popey

I was planning on reusing a custom php check that dumps to a text file for human validation.
Not to derail. What static site generators are people using ?

@kev @popey 👍️ Commento. Read how Dense Discovery uses it for their newsletter comments:
@popey How hacky do you want to get. I may have the perfect solution for you...

@popey I was considering using gitea issues for that purposes, had some people using GH issues integrated wtih hugo as comments as well

Lots of people mention Commento and Isso, is there a brief comparison between them already out there?

@popey I have not tried all of the above mentioned ones, but I have tried HashOver. I specifically chose it because it's PHP (works anywhere) and because I refuse to admin a full-fledged DB to host comments for a static site. Hashover runs without a DB (comments stored in JSON or XML). Schnack and ISO looks nice too (with SQLite), but I prefer to be able to run on any shared hosting, so PHP wins.

@popey ...however, I'd argue that when you need to hammer on dynamic content such as comments an SSG might not be the best option. I'd chose a flat file or SQLite PHP CMS. with comments plugin?

@popey i use grav, which has a comment component. Works OK. Nothing fancy (no threading or anything like that) but suits me.

@popey Not what you’re asking for, but a different perspective.

I killed comments as a feature and replaced it with a contact form. I then publish select comments/tweets/et al in a “letter to the editor” style post. My blog is curated content I determine worth hosting, not a forum for any rando on the Internet.


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