@popey How do you find the time to keep all these snaps you publish up to date?

@wjt that's a great question. I think it's a blog post size answer, which I'll do today. Thanks for the inspiration!

@popey Great!

I have a personal interest in this because:

a) I have zero interest in being a distro packager in the classical sense of "maintaining packaging for apps I don't otherwise develop", except when necessary for, uh, my job working on a distro
b) I have ended up responsible for a fair few apps on Flathub for which I am not an upstream developer
c) πŸ€”

My solution is automation – chiefly github.com/flathub/flatpak-ext – but that's a plaster, not a real solution.

@wjt Tricky then. I basically became a package maintainer for those applications where the upstream are unwilling or unable to maintain the snap. So we're both in a similar place. I automate as much as I can, with notifications when upstream stable revision is newer than snap store stable version. But with daily builds, often the edge channel already has the latest build, so it's just case of a quick shake to make sure it didn't break, and release to stable.


@wjt But obviously some applications change more fundamentally or need to be built against newer GTK etc to function anymore. Those take more time to fettle, and can be frustrating.

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